Buckingham Group Contracting

Project Name; ARS Anfield Stadium, Liverpool
Project Date; May 2022 – Late 2023
Project Value; est. £5,000,000.00

Works Completed; FAA’S largest project to date incorporating the full internal fit out and passive fire protection package throughout. Starting on site with a large intumescent paint and protective coating package to all hot rolled structural steelwork using both Sherwin Williams & Jotun Paints providing 30/60/120 mins protection where specified which then progressed on to the SFS and sheathing board work. We then followed on with a large soffit insulation and beam encasement package with both foil faced to the BOH areas and board faced to the open areas. FAA also carried out the full installation of partitions, linings & encasements with Hadley metal and BG boards. Prior to ceiling installation a comprehensive passive fire protection package was installed including all service penetrations, head of walls and floor penetrations. At the jobs peak FAA had 60 operatives on site.

ISG Construction

Project Name; Knaresborough Leisure Centre
Project Date; December 2022 – September 2023
Project Value; £790,000.00

Works Completed; FAA carried out the passive fire protection and partitions to the new build Leisure Centre in Knaresborough North Yorkshire. We carried out the Intumescent and corrosion protection to the hot rolled steel frame and decking throughout including C5 protection to the steel in the swimming pool areas. We also carried out the SFS/Weather defence to the building envelope. The internal partitions package consisted of a full Siniat system incorporating ‘wet wet’ specification partition, linings and bulk heads in the swimming pool area and changing rooms as well as standard partitions. Our plastering teams carried out all the internal render to all internal tiled block work in the changing village before the installation of the tiles. We also carried out the full fire, air and acoustic sealing package.

ISG Construction

Project Name; Harrogate Hydro Leisure Centre
Project Date; September 2022 – September 2023
Project Value; £554,000.00

Works Completed; Full Siniat partition package including column encasements and bulk head works, Rockfon suspended ceilings and acoustic baffles and rafts. Rockfon wall panels, full passive fire protection package including intumescent to new and existing steel with corrosion protective coatings, fire stopping to service penetrations and soffit decoration.

Barnfield Construction

Project Name; DPD & DHL, Preston East
Project Date; February 2023 – September 2023
Project Value; £460,000.00

Works Completed; FAA carried out the full CAT A & CAT B fit out to the DHL unit including all partitions, linings & Ceilings including 7m fire wall separating the office from warehouse. Fit out works included offices, staff welfare and parcel cages. In the adjacent unit for DPD we carried out the full CAT A fit out again installing all partitions, linings and ceilings. We also installed all the passive and structural fire protection across both projects including fire stopping, intumescent coatings, cavity barrier & fire curtains.

Caddick Construction

Project Name; Leeds Valley Park
Project Date; April 2023 – September 2023
Project Value; £240,000.00

Works Completed; FAA were appointed to deliver intumescent & decorative top sealer coatings to five steel framed speculative warehouse units. Office mezzanine and warehouse hot rolled steelwork was subject to spray applied intumescent coatings with circa 11,000m2 and 7,000m2 top seal decoration using Sherwin Williams FIRETEX range of products. We have also provided fire stopping works to all office perimeter slab edges and internal office penetrations and linear joints.

Barnfield Construction

Project Name; Sheffield Business Park
Project Date; August 2022 – May 2023
Project Value; £597,000.00

Works Completed; FAA undertook the passive fire protection and internal fit out to 5no high spec units in Sheffield. Starting with a large structural fire protection package to 15,000m2 using Sherwin Williams FIRETEX intumescent products and top sealer cost. We then installed the internal walls, linings, column encasements and soffit insulation to office mezzanine areas following on with the MF & suspended ceilings and fire stopping works.

JM Construction

Project Name; Victoria Mills, Leeds
Project Date; September 2017 – Late 2022
Project Value; est. £7,500,000.00

Works Completed; This project has been multiple-phased over 5 years and has been a mixture of existing mill renovations along with new build extensions tied into the existing buildings. FAA have delivered SFS, partitions, ceilings, passive fire protection and finishing works to the scheme which consists of 350 superbly specified apartments comprising of a mixture of one, two and three bedroom units including penthouse suites with waterfront panoramic views of Leeds City Centre.

Caddick Construction

Project Name; Aviator P2, Ellesmere Port
Project Date; March – July 2022
Project Value; £196,000.00

Works Completed; FAA were appointed to deliver intumescent & decorative top sealer coatings to two steel framed speculative warehouse units of 200,000sq ft and 800,000sq ft. All hot rolled steelwork was subject to spray applied coatings with circa 9,000m2 x 60 mins FR, 1,500m2 x 120 mins FR and 4,500m2 top seal decoration using Sherwin Williams FIRETEX range of products. Works took just over 12 weeks to complete.

Sewell Group

Project Name; Kingswood Academy, Hull
Project Date; January – May 2022
Project Value; £350,000.00

Works Completed; FAA were awarded a mixed package of works inclusive of Ecophon, Gyptone & Rockfon ceilings and Rockfon acoustic baffles, partitions, wall liners, ceilings and internal penetration fire stopping works and perimeter air sealing over 3no floors. The scheme itself was a fast paced, £4.4m expansion of the existing academy in Hull.

GMI Construction

Project Name; Olympic Legacy Park, Sheffield
Project Date; November 2021 – May 2022
Project Value; £218,000.00

Works Completed; FAA completed a multi disciplined package of shell and core dry lining to 2 open floors and full fit out to ground floor changing rooms and game facilities. We also carried out the suspended ceiling package using the Zentia range of standard Tiles and MR tiles. GMI also required our fire stopping and air sealing operatives to carry out an extensive air and fire sealing package.

Bowmer & Kirkland

Project Name; NEXT E3, South Elmsall
Project Date; July 2021 – April 2022
Project Value; £740,000.00

Works Completed; FAA delivered circa 11,000m2 of 60/90/120 minutes intumescent fire protection to hot rolled steelwork on a structural mezzanine floor and warehouse / hub offices. FAA meticulously applied multiple coats, over several months, to achieve high dry film thickness under immense time constraints and ahead of follow on trades. We were overseen by a third-party inspection body, employed by Bowmer & Kirkland, right throughout the scheme and built a great mutual understanding with their inspector(s) which aided the smooth delivery of our works and ensured QA records we’re kept up-to-date throughout. This was FAA’s first project for Bowmer & Kirkland and hope that our dedicated approach and delivery will be the start of a long standing relationship with the site and commercial teams in time to come.

Glencar Construction

Project Name; VMIC Vaccine Centre, Harwell
Project Date; July 2020 – October 2021
Project Value; £131,000.00

Works Completed; In the height of the COVID pandemic we were appointed to work on this fast tracked vaccine’s production facility by providing sprayed intumescent fire protective coatings to all structural steelwork circa 12,000m2 using Sherwin Williams FIRETEX products. This was high profile and visited by the current prime minister during our time on site.

Harris CM

Project Name; G3 Auto, Glasshoughton
Project Date; August 2020 – March 2021
Project Value; £200,000.00

Works Completed; A local job in our home town of Castleford. FAA carried out the internal fit out package to the office, reception area atrium and the 2 story auction hall. Our package included 6m curved walls in the auction hall to house 4m LED TV Screens and other feature walls to house the vast amount of audio visual products. We also installed a vast array of ceiling systems from perforated metal pan to feature MF ceilings with intricate bulk heads.

Tolent Construction

Project Name; Redeness Street, York
Project Date; May 2020 – February 2021
Project Value; £638,000.00

Works Completed; FAA were called upon by Tolent to carry out the Internal walls and ceiling, SFS and sheathing board, Intumescent coatings, fire stopping and soffit insulation on the high end residential development in York City Centre. The development was on a tight city centre site with a tight program with most of the work taking place in the recent COVID pandemic.

Caddick Construction

Project Name; Porsche, Carnforth
Project Date; October 2020 – May 2021
Project Value; £214,000.00

Works Completed; FAA was awarded a multi trade package of partitions, ceilings, Intumescent and decorative painting and fire/acoustic sealing. The ceiling detail on the high end show room was complex with curved and stepped bulk head work incorporating The lighting systems. In the show room we install 600m2 of SAS system 120 metal pan ceiling system following the curve of the bulk heads.

Glencar Construction

Project Name; Commercial Park, Crewe
Project Date; March – December 2020
Project Value; £557,000.00

Works Completed; FAA completed the CAT A and then the CAT B fit out of the 2 large Industrial units at Commercial Park. We installed all partitions, wall liners, MF ceilings, soffit Insulation and 5,000m2 of suspended ceilings in the large office areas. We also carried out the passive fire protection package with 1 and 2 hour Intumescent coatings supplied by Sherwin Williams and all fire stopping including cavity barriers and fire curtains.

Ardmac Performance Contracting

Project Name; 1 City Square, Leeds
Project Date; June 2019 – November 2020
Project Value; £742,000.00

Works Completed; Full internal CAT A fit out of 3 main floor plates plus atrium, entrance and ground floor break out space. Partition works consisted of all internal office core walls and feature MF Ceilings and bulk heads. We also installed various SAS feature ceilings throughout the project including integrated lighting. We also carried out all passive fire protection in the fit out areas.

Caddick Construction

Project Name; North Stand, Headingley Stadium
Project Date; July 2018 – September 2019
Works Completed; FAA were appointed by CCL to carry out the full fire protection package on the prestigious North Stand that caters for both the Cricket and Rugby with a new 360 degree concept. All structural hot rolled steelwork was protected using Sherwin Williams FIRETEX painting products including FX1003 solvent based intumescent, M71v2 single pack top seal & C137v2 two pack top sealer to decorative areas. We also delivered internal fire stopping works to slabs, blockwork and plasterboard partition walls throughout all floors.

FK Group

Project Name; Plots C1 & D1, The Lightbox, Media City, Manchester
Date; November 2017 – December 2018
Project Value; £1,150,000.00

Works Completed; Full design and construction for the internal leaf of the external envelope of 2nr 20 storey new build high-rise residential towers in Manchester’s prestigious Media City. Our package of works includes the installation of the light gauge SFS framing, external Knauf Windliner sheathing board to the SFS, installation of Knauf Omnifit insulation to achieve the required U-Value and air guard membrane for the air seal. We also installed all vertical and horizontal vented and non-vented fire cavity barriers behind the finished rain screen cladding. All Windliner boarding and cavity barrier works were carried out from external mast climbers.

ADT Workplace

Project Name; Bank of New York – 1 Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester
Project Date; June – November 2017
Project Value; £390,000.00

Works Completed; One of the most challenging contracts to date. Due to the nature of the tight programme FAA worked 24 hour shifts, 7 days a week installing various partition types inclusive of High Security Partitions, MF Ceilings, Feature Bulkheads, Bespoke Timber Ceilings and New Suspended Ceilings. A large part of the works involved was to repair circa 8,000m2 of existing ceiling grid inclusive of cleaning and installation of ceiling tiles. FAA also carried out extensive acoustic works to the head of new and old plaster board / glass partitions and under raised access floors as well as plaster / tape and joint finishes to all new partitions and extensive patching to existing retained partitions, ceilings and ceiling margins that were adapted. The installation of all skirting boards & single / double door sets across all 5 floors finally followed to wrap up our works on here. After this contract FAA have carried out over 10 other projects for ADT Workplace varying in size and complexity throughout the North-West and Yorkshire and still continue to be their go to contractor for ceilings, partitions, joinery and acoustic works.

Chalcroft Construction

Project Name; Porcelanosa, Reading
Project Date; April – November 2017
Project Value; £219,000.00

Works Completed; FAA were appointed by Chalcroft to fit out this high end bathroom / tile showroom in Reading. The schedule of works included SFS Structural High Bay Walls, Jumbo Stud Wall Liners, MF Ceilings inclusive of ceiling Margins, a single 450m2 Metal Pan Suspended Ceiling with Sub Grid and back of house partitions / ceilings inclusive of tape and joint finish. We also carried out the Structural Fire Protection and Firestopping Works.

ADT Workspace

Project Name; Hexagon Tower, Manchester
Project Date; September – November 2017
Project Value; £56,000.00

Works Completed; Although a relatively small contract sum this is one of the projects we are most proud of. FAA were appointed by ADT Workplace to install new ceilings and partitions to the public areas of the Hexagon Tower comprising of the main reception, toilets and canteen area. FAA installed Feature Bulkheads, Coffered Ceilings, Curved Bulkheads, SFS Metal Pan Ceilings, Armstrong Suspended Ceilings, Varying Trim Details, Formed Booths with Pocket Ceilings & Drylining Partitions.

Caddick Construction

Project Name; Edge Lane, Liverpool Project
Date; October 2016 – October 2017
Project Value; £710,000.00

Works Completed; This project has been split between 3 phases over 12 months. Our scope of works have included Drylining, MF & Suspended ceilings, Fire, Air and Acoustic Sealing, Structural Fire Protection (Intumescent Painting & Boarding), Joinery, Flooring, Kitchen Installation, Decoration and installation of SFS and Jumbo Stud high bay dividing walls. FAA also carried out post construction fit outs on several of the units for the end users after main contractor hand over.

FK Group

Project Name; BUPA – Salford, Manchester
Project Date; June – October 2017
Project Value; £80,000.00

Works Completed; FAA installed circa 2,000lm of Siderise Slab Edge Cavity Barrier inclusive of Acoustic Matting on this beautiful fully glazed prestigious project on the Salford Quays. This was our maiden project for our new client FK Group, a nationwide full envelope contractor. A rigorous step by step quality plan was devised and executed through out the project enabling full sign off by all parties and certification at the end.

Chalcroft Construction

Project Name; TJX, Knottingley
Project Date; February – July 2017
Project Value; £179,000.00

Works Completed; FAA were appointed by Chalcroft as the internal fit out contractor for the office pods in the sprawling new TK Maxx distribution warehouse in Knottingley, West Yorkshire. FAA were tasked with installing the SFS Load Baring Structural Frame of the office pods after producing the initial design. Following on was the Plasterboard Lining and Skim to all Walls, Karndean Vinyl Flooring, Suspended Ceilings, Windows and joinery inclusive of all Doors, Skirting and MDF Facias & Decoration. Carrying around 12 skilled site operatives at its peak, it was a real multi-trade project.

JM Construction

Project Name; Tate House P1 & P2, Leeds
Project Date; November 2015 – December 2016
Project Value; £467,000.00

Works Completed; FAA maiden project for local developer / main contractor JM Construction. Our works were split into 2 phases, on the initial phase we installed Rockwool Beam Clad to Concrete Soffits and Beams to 6 existing beam and pot floors to upgrade the structural fire protection. After the first phase was complete, JM Construction we’re to place the order with us for Phase 2 which comprised of 14nr penthouse apartments on the roof of Phase 1. This time we were appointed to carry out the Passive Fire Protection, Drylining, MF and Suspended Ceilings and Plastering works. Works were completed on time and budget.